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Armazém da Linha

The "Armazém da Linha" had its origin in 1947, the then "Gomes & Teles, Lda", a company founded by Américo António Teles Pereira (1908-1998), born in the parish of Verdoejo, and Maximino Lourenço Gomes (1908-2003), a native of the parish of Friestas, both the Town of Valença do Minho. This town is integrated in the Region of "Vinho Verde", which borders the sub-region of Albariño Wine and with Rias-Baixas, the designation of origin of Galician Wines.

Teles Gomes

The founders were descendants of farmers and traders and liberal Republicans. It was wine sensitivity, provincial and rural culture of the Minho region that led them to be small wine producers, initially for self-consumption and local sale. It was then time to "crush" the grapes by foot.

Valença's first trade school

The main activity of this society was the door-to-door wholesale distribution of wines, olive oils, cheeses, sausages, coffee, pineapple and other food consumer goods. Transportation was originally done by animal traction. On July 1, 1961, Américo Teles acquires the company and is its sole owner until his retirement in 1990. In the mid 60's, opens a retail division. On the town's fair day, he promotes the "exchange" with the town's farmers.

The border of Valença is during and after the Spanish Civil War a platform of support for a rail depot to Galicia and Asturias. The economy of war, rationing and survival of Spanish goes through here. Wolfram, tobacco, coffee, wine, potatoes, soap, pharmaceuticals, etc..

Valença's ralway station

It is in the 60's that the trade development decisively influences the course of life of Valença. A trade brand appears that would be a business pioneer and reference to the Spanish elites. For its quality and style, the textile industry finds here its best catalog for export - the trade brand "Alvarinho". Madrid’s bourgeoisie and in particular, "Las Damas del Franco" (the franco ladies) commanded by Dona Carmen Polo de Franco (Carmen Collares) in holidays in Bayonne or bathing in Mondariz, were the best customers of textiles, porcelain, cutlery, tobacco, coffee, cheeses, wines, etc.. Several brands gained prestige here: Coelima, Café Sical, Pomito Lencart, Ferreira Port Wine, etc.

Armazém da linha (in the 70's)

The "Armazém da Linha" made is point in the past and resist the world's current owners, consumption grocers, the engineers "who do not spend does not count and who does not have, is nothing!". This expansionist policy dominated by the mass distribution is run by a elite that since the 80’s does not recognize the investment generations made for trade, society and country.

The "Armazém da Linha" was located near the railway, where circulated passenger trains and freight between OPorto-Monção-Valença and Oporto-Valença-Vigo.

It is one of the heirs of this company that continues to invest in the past and in the future. With this site "LusaWines" participates in the renewal (online) of the business in his homeland.

Regarding the initiative "Profile of Portugal" held in Madrid, magazine "Tiempo" wrote in 23 October 2000: "Uno de cada dos españoles no há estado jamás en Portugal. Ni para comprar toallas en Valença do Minho. Nueve de cada diez no entienden una palabra de portugués." (One in two Spaniards never went to Portugal, not even to buy linen at Valença do Minho. Nine in ten doesn’t understand a word of Portuguese.

After all there’s a lot to be done...

António Teles

(LusaWines Owner)


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