It is a town with 117.43 km² and 14,187 inhabitants (2001), subdivided into sixteen parishes. The municipality is bordered to the east by the municipality of Monção, the south by Paredes de Coura, on the west by Cerveira and northwest and north by Spain (city of Tui).

He received a charter of King Sancho I, being then called Contrasta. Changed to the current name in 1262. It is sometimes designated by Valença do Minho.

Working Schedule

We open when we arrive

We close when we leave

If you come and we aren't here

It's because it hadn't to be a coincidence

Return tomorrow and here we'll mett.


The whole world is my village

The whole world belongs to me

Here I find myself and blend

With the people of the world

Who belong to the whole world.


In territories

In all the countries borders

Who comes with good intentions is welcomed

If someone comes against his will

Bring him also with you.


JOSÉ ANASTÁCIO da CUNHA (1744-1787) - Poet, Military and Math

Born in Lisbon on May 11, 1744. In 1764 he was appointed Lieutenant of the Artillery Regiment of Oporto and placed in the square of Valenca do Minho, where he founded the School of Artillery at the Royal Palace of the Military Governor's Square Valença do Minho, the current Public Building. (Now Registry, Property Registry, Business Registry, Finance, Clerk, etc.).

In his friendship with the British officers, he learned to speak English fluently, which together with the knowledge they had of other languages like French, Latin, Greek and Italian enabled him to translate authors such as Voltaire, Pope, Otway, Horatio, Rousseau, Holbach, Helvetius, and others.

In 1769 made, at the request of Major Simon Frazer, a memoir about ballistics, entitled "Physical-Mathematical Letter about the Theory of Gun Power in general and the determination of the length of the best pieces in particular", where pointing errors and lack of precision as found in some studies on artillery. In 1773 the Pombal's Marquis named him geometry lens at the University of Coimbra, in the wake of the Reformation of the University carried out in 1772. Anastacio da Cunha did not find the environment conducive to the development and implementation of its capabilities and after the death of King D. José I in 1777, he was denounced to the Inquisition, was arrested on 1 July 1778 and accused of involvement with the English Protestants in Valença, of having read Voltaire, Rousseau, Hobbes and others dangerous authors and of corrupting the younger generation through its eloquence and enlightenment.

A model citizen in the service of knowledge against ignorance, fanaticism and tyranny.

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Valença do Minho

Aerial view of Valença
Old Customs House building in Valença
Last pledge of allegiance in the ancient
"regimen em caçadores 3"
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