Why buy at LusaWines?

Variety of wines and national own brands

LusaWines provides immediately a wide range of wines and national brands to satisfy different needs of its customers. This is only possible because LusaWines works directly with producers and or accredited agents representing the best brands in the Portuguese market.

Shipping costs and insurance within 24 hours to mainland Portugal

After confirming payment, LusaWines performs a fast delivery, in a short time and safely, depending on the shipping option. LusaWines ensures its own logistics. It has got a unique protection in shipment of glass and liquids. All orders are insured.

Advantageous price, wide offer range

Our strategic partnerships and the direct participation of producers and other public and commercial entities allow us to offer you the best prices in the online market. We will have discounts, rewards points and other promotions. However, LW is not a "discount store" or a "low cost store".

Customer support

We can help you to process your order or with more information about a particular wine or product. If you want a factsheet of a particular wine, it will be delivered with no hesitation. You can contact us by email at: clientes@lusawines.com.

Warranty, quality and satisfaction

All products on sale in our online store are genuine and originals, granted by the producer/manufacturer, properly licensed and certified by the appropriate regulatory authorities. They are compliant with the current standards, providing quality and satisfaction to the customer. If for some reason you are not satisfied, do not hesitate in contacting us.

Security, privacy, trust & comodity

In over 20 years of online activity, the credibility and trust in this distance selling company, is publicly recognized by customers, suppliers, producers and other entities. The confidentiality and privacy is granted by the responsibility we assume.

Several forms of payment and purchase

LusaWines accepts almost all forms of payment, as long as it has been previously confirmed and it's irreversible. Credit card, Wire Transfer, ATM, Bank Check, etc.


Apoio e acompanhamento ao cliente


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LusaWines have several safe means of payment available to you.

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