Terms of use

Ownership of the web domain and brand

The brand LusaWines is registered within the INPI (Portuguese Institute of Intellectual Property) as like as the web domain - LusaWines.com or LusaWines.pt - are registered in accordance with the regulations FCCN (Portuguese Entity that regulates Web Domains) and ICANN. They are property of society "Monte do Faro – Produtos de consumo, lda.", based at Avenida Miguel Dantas, nº 437, Tróias, EN nº 13 4930-193 Valença, this company is formally registered with the Portuguese Authorities and has the NIPC/VAT 503 801 569, it is a limited liability company (LLC), with the total capital of 50,000 Euros.

Purpose and scope applicable

Terms apply to visitors and LusaWines customers and online shopping made in this web site.

The navigation or purchase in this online shop, LusaWines, hereinafter "LW", implies acceptance of these terms. "LW", reserves itself the right to change these terms of use and contract without notice, without any restrictions.

Product Information

The contents of "LW" are for private use of its consumers. Reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of text, graphics and labels, bottle labels, brands, that may be available with different colours and presentation, are illustrative and can only be used with prior permission and for strictly personal purposes.

Prices, technical specifications and other details are subject to change without notice.

It is prohibited the introduction of links in our web site, without due authorization. The misuse and unauthorized of this domain or brand - LusaWines, is subject to legal liability. "LW" put all the interest and effort in maintaining this web site so that its content is useful for customers, visitors and other entities. Nevertheless, we do not grant the accuracy or daily updating of information, prices in particular. If the advertised price is less than the stated we refund the difference. If its higher the customer is informed and we await for is decision to accept or reject.

The diversity and wide range of wines and related products, such as quantities in stock, is often subject to the availability at the supplier. In case of unavailability of the product or immediate rupture of existence, the customer will be informed and shall take is decision. In case of cancellation he will be refunded the amount paid.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The texts, drawings, images, logos, insignia, brands, formulas, database, structure and other elements of this web site - www. LusaWines.com - are protected by the Code of Copyright and Related Rights, Industrial Property Code and Commercial, Portuguese and international laws. Any reproduction, transmission, adaptation, translation, modification, public communication or any other use of all or part of the contents of this web site, made in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, manual or otherwise, is strictly prohibited, unless authorized prior written "Monte do Faro – Produtos de consumo, Lda.", with the exception of rights to services, brands and products that are not its property, whose brands are registered in favour of their respective holders and recognized as such.

"LW" recognizes the representation of interests of the professions involved in the production and marketing of wine in Portugal; the uphold of their regional and national wine and winemaking heritage, that is its certification, origin designation, geographical indicators and other values acknowledged, such as food and agricultural sovereignty.

Responsibilities and Legal Value

"LW" provides a service for distance selling, as part of its business within the Information Society, following the Portuguese legal terms "Nº.1 do Artº 3 da Lei do Comércio Electrónico (Decreto-Lei Nº.7/2004 de Janeiro)" respecting online contracts and that does not affect consumer protection. All goods are marketed in accordance with Portuguese law. The buyer and/or consumer must be of legal age to request, receive, purchase, pay for and consume alcoholic beverages, must follow the legal terms in the country where he lives and oblige by the compromises imposed by tax authorities in is country or state.

"LW" declines all responsibility in case of violation of the law of the country where the order is delivered. All customers must check with local authorities the import conditions inherent in the local alcohol related law. "LW" is not responsible for any computer damage resulting from links to the electronic network, operating systems, viruses, failures of connection, access and navigation, which may prevent you from connecting to the electronics "LW" store. Portuguese law has the exclusive jurisdiction in solving conflicts, being responsible to the district of Valença.

Obligations of costumers and users

A customer and/or user must comply with the terms laid down, no exception, including the following:

  • a) - It is forbidden to enter, store and disseminate through "LW" defamatory matter, obscene, insulting, xenophobic and one that violates human rights, civil and public.
  • b) - Save, and do not disclose your password to access "LW". Protect your personal data to third parties.
  • c) - Do not use false identities, simulated and apocryphal.
  • d) - Providing proper personal data and addresses so that "LW" can send the order correctly.
  • e) - The Customer is responsible for inclusion, truthfulness and cancellation of their personal data. "LW" claims no responsibility for delay in deliveries due to errors arising from the Customer.

Privacy and Data Protection

The protection of privacy and confidentiality of your data is guaranteed under the Portuguese Law 67/98 of 26 October, on Protection of Personal Data. The data collected are automatically processed and are intended to ship orders, their logistical support, knowing your opinion and business initiatives. We ensure to the subscriber the right to access, rectification and cancellation of any data that concerns him. "LW" is authorized by the Registry of 04.06.2004 No. 404/2004 of the Portuguese National Commission for Data Protection. The client expressly authorizes "LW" to send the information to better serve you through any communication channel. "LW" does not sell or share your database of customers with third parties.


On May 25, 2011, the European Directive 2009/136 / EC about the privacy of electronic communications and the use of cookies on websites was applied. The use of cookies is essential to our website. Our shipping tools and other services use cookies to function properly. You can erase or block all cookies from this website, but no part of the website work correctly. For more information on cookies from this website and how to delete cookies, see our privacy policy.

Buying Online

To purchase any item in "LW" you must register by filling out a online form. After registering just insert the "shopping cart" to buy virtual products. You should pay attention to all steps in the purchase to materialize properly.

Promotions or discounts will be clearly marked and guaranteed. When purchasing a costumer must have prior knowledge and consent of the terms set in this page. "LW" files and saves the electronic document to purchase and makes it accessible to you. After purchase the customer receives an automated email confirming the transaction. In case of an error he may request the immediate cancellation.

Availability and return of goods

The delivery is subject to our existing stocks, or in the producer and manufacturer stocks as Portuguese Law "n.º. 370/93 de 10.29.1993" and "n.º. 140/98 de 16.5.1998". If purchases exceed the quantities available, we will refunded/return the values. The delivery time depends on the sizes chosen, the carrier and the delivery destination. All goods will be delivered in standard sanitary conditions, with shocks or blows prevention security measures. Time limit for returning of the goods is 14 days in accordance with Portuguese Law "n.º 143/2001 de 26 de April", counted from the date of receipt on the delivery constant duly signed and acknowledged by the buyer. The purchaser is responsible for the payment of expenses related to the return. He will compensate "LW" if there is room for occasional defects in the object of purchase. It confers no right for compensation.

Consumer rights

Decreto-Lei n.º 24/2014

Security and confidentiality

In more than 20 years of online activity, the credibility and reliability of this distance selling company is publicly acknowledged by customers, suppliers and other public and private entities. The confidentiality and privacy is guaranteed by the responsibility assumed. It is perfectly safe the responsible use of credit card. The payment terminal hired is from "EasyPay" an entity registered in the "Banco de Portugal", which ensures the security protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), certified by Thawte.

Ensuring security through encryption and the use of certification using certificates issued by cPanel, compatible with major web browsers.

"LW" guarantees the confidentiality of all data supplied by its customers. The collection and processing of data is held securely preventing the loss or manipulation. "LW" is registered with the Potuguese National Commission for Data Protection, is a member of ACEP - Association of Electronic Commerce in Portugal.

Payment modes

  • - Credit Card (VISA/Mastercard). Subject to a rate of small value - IPF (International Processing Fee));
  • - Multibanco (for portugueses customers only)
  • - Bank Transfer (via Home Banking/NET, ATM or at the bank counter);
  • - Bank check (made in order of Monte do Faro - Produtos de Consumo, Lda.).

Taxes and duties

"LW" warns that the entry of alcohol is not allowed in many countries. Is prohibited and confiscated alcoholic beverages imported via mail order. Costumers must abide by the legal terms of the country of residence and the country of destination tax obligations of local authorities.

Prices include various taxes on consumption such as VAT, IEC (IABA) and other special rates that apply and are legal in Portugal. Any change will take effect immediately. Prices do not include any transportation costs or tariffs if the country of destination so regulate under its tariff policy, whose duty and responsibility rests solely with the Purchaser.


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